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Meet the Gurus

Founder of Puppy Gurus and Dogs Helping Kids
Tracey Berridge BSc(hons), MSc, M.A.P.D.T. 00671

Tracey is a qualified professional Canine Behaviour Counsellor, working on veterinary referral only across the North Devon area. She holds a Masters Postgraduate Degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University, one of the best academic qualifications in the country with regards to canine behaviour. Tracey has been a Professional Dog Trainer for over 20 years and is founder of the unique national charity 'Dogs Helping Kids' (D.H.K.), a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (A.P.D.T.), a member of the Society for Companion Animal Studies (S.C.A.S.), an affiliate of Gwen Bailey's Puppy School and a Registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

For over 10 years Tracey was the Director and Founder of 'Canine Etiquette', North Devon's first ever Dog Training, Behaviour and Education Centre. The Dog Centre ran 22 dog training classes each week and helped train over 4 thousand dogs every year. Following on from this, Tracey then founded 'Puppy Gurus', North Devon's first ever Puppy Centre based in Barnstaple. Tracey now runs the South West's first ever Puppy Consultancy of the same name, completely specialising in the training & education of puppies. Tracey feels very strongly about the importance of educating all dogs from early puppyhood and unequivocally believes that every puppy matters.

Tracey grew up in a household literally full of German Shepherds. She took on her first very own dog, Judy, at 16 years of age. Judy was a staffy cross who Tracey fell in love with whilst working at her local RSPCA Centre. Judy became her loyal and best friend for the next 16 years. Tracey currently lives with her beloved rescued lurcher cross, Princess Laya, who has taught her so much about dog behaviour and her long suffering husband Mark, whose support, patience and caring does not go unnoticed!!


Senior Instructor

Hannah has many years of experience of working with a variety of animals at both animal sanctuaries and animal rehoming centres. Hannah has completed several courses in canine behaviour including Intermediate Canine Psychology and Think Dog! Advanced Behaviour and Training.

Hannah has been working with Tracey since Autumn 2006, following the Association of Pet Dog Training (A.P.D.T.) methods as she firmly believes in using positive training methods. Hannah is a qualified Pets as Therapy (P.A.T.) assessor and has an interest in complimentary therapies and natural treatment for dogs.

Hannah lives with her three dogs; Timber, Breeze and Tor, all of which have come from rehoming centres. Timber is a labrador cross bitch who is about fourteen years old. She was born with hip dysplasia and for a while suffered from separation anxiety. Breeze is a pointer cross bitch who is about ten and half years old, who came to Hannah with aggressive behaviour towards people. Breeze is now a lot more sociable and even has visitors!! Tor, is the new arrival and is a four year old male retired ex-racing greyhound. Tor is so far fitting in well in his new home.

Hannah aims to work towards educating people to give them a better understanding of their dogs, leading to a more harmonious dog/owner relationship - Happy dog! Happy Owners!



Steph joined the Puppy Gurus team after she completed puppy and advanced classes with golden retriever Molly in 2007. After also attending various ring craft courses and following valuable advice from breeders, Steph has been led into an ever growing obsession with dogs, as she now takes Molly showing at various open and championship shows around the country.

Since joining Puppy Gurus Steph has also received many other opportunities regarding dogs, one of which was gun dog training in which Molly has taken to rather well and they are now hoping to progress into some field work.

Steph is currently studying for her BSc Hons degree in Events Management with the University of Plymouth, although animals still remain dear to her heart. Steph lives with a total of three dogs; golden retrievers (and partners in crime) Harry and Molly, and collie cross retriever Toddie. Also Jimmy the rabbit, Henry, George and Oscar the guinea pigs.


Rachael Landymore

Rachael worked as a veterinary nurse in Hampshire looking after large and small animals. Although she is no longer nursing, animals are very much a part of her and her family's life. She has had several rescued dogs and animals in the past.
Rachael joined the team at Puppy Gurus in 2012 after completing puppy classes and advanced puppy classes with her dogs Charlie and Fly, both Labrador x springers. Rachael also has a rescue Sprocker called Menace who she took on from The Dogs Trust in Dec 2013.
Clicker training has built a bond with Rachael and her dogs. Her children have a huge part in that training too which helps them grow in confidence too. She is a firm believer of positive reinforcement training and kind dog training equipment. Rachael also helps out as a trainer at Jaws Agility Club and does agility with all her dogs.
Rachael is currently studying for her Think Dog certificate with Sarh Whitehead, and has a passion for Tellington Touch and starts her Tellington Touch practitioner training in Sept 2014. She hopes to bring her knowledge of TTouch to Puppy Gurus and DHK in the very near future.
Rachael is also part of the DHK team and is the Fundraising coordinator, dog training assessor and volunteer. Her dog Charlie is currently training to be DHK's first Support School Dog who will support her son in and out of school.


Instructor and Northern Breed Specialist
Ruth Martyn

Ruth has owned dogs for over 20 years and during the last 13 years she has both owned and worked with Northern Breeds, which include the Alaskan Malamute, The Siberian Husky, Greenland Dogs, Canadian Eskimos and the Samoyed. Ruth currently owns 5 Alaskan Malamutes and 4 Siberian Huskies, some from puppies, but many rescued who came with behavioural problems. Ruth has also had experience with raising littermates, is an Accredited Breeder of Alaskan Malamutes and also fosters for the Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom Breed Rescue.

During the past 13 years Ruth has organised many working events for both the ABSA (Affiliated British Sled Dog Activities) and also the Alaskan Malamute Working Association. She was Chairperson for three years for the Alaskan Malamute Working Association as well as serving for many years on the committee. All of Ruth's dogs are working dogs and in the winter months Ruth and her family attend races up and down the country. Her dogs have been very successful - Soldier has gained the American title of Working Team Dog for Alaskan Malamutes and Trooper has almost completed his. In the summer some of her dogs are shown and they also enjoy backpacking expeditions together.

Ruth first got involved in Reward Based Training in 2004 when she took her Rescued Alaskan Malamute, Rocky, to Canine Etiquette. They completed both Basic and Advanced classes. This opened a whole new door to Ruth. She realised that this type of training was fun and more important, effective for both owner and dog and that the previous dominance training particularly recommended for Northern Breeds, was not the way to go. Since 2004 many of her dogs have gained their Basic and Advanced certificates at both Canine Etiquette and Puppy Gurus. Ruth is convinced that her success in owning so many dogs, all kept in the house and not kennelled, is down to the Positive methods of training.

Over the years Ruth has become more and more interested in Dog Training and Dog Behaviour. She has recently started the 'Think Dog' Certificate for training and behaviour and is already looking forward to completing more courses on the subject once this course is completed.



Debbie (aka Debbie Dog) joined Tracey training in 2004, after attending a puppy class with her Bearded Collie Poppy. She went on to complete the advanced class and various fun classes and hasn't left since! Her official qualifications are a BSc Hons degree from Oxford Brookes University in Hotel and Catering Management, but her passion has always been animals.

Having enjoyed clicker training so much she was trained up in accordance to Association of Pet Dog Trainers (A.P.D.T.) methods and now teaches puppy and advanced classes. Debbie is a qualified Pets as Therapy (P.A.T.) Assessor and is currently studying to complete a Canine C.O.A.P.E. course.

Her family currently included two Beardies, Poppy and Ozzy, two cats, three goldfish, three alpacas and a husband! Debbie's latest addition to her family are the alpacas which she has already started to clicker train. Alpacas are a member of the camelid family so she recently attended a Camelidynamics course which is a proven and effective method to handle and train alpacas and llamas. It uses respectful, fun, efficient and kind methods to handle camelids. Its also incorporates some Tellington Touch training which can be used on all animals including tortoises!

She is particularly interested in dog nutrition, grooming, agility and activity toys. She loves all animals, but is a particular sucker for the fluffy ones. Alongside dog training Debbie runs Barking Happy, selling responsible pet products to keep pets and their owners happy. Her aim is to have an online store in the future so watch this space!



Amanda has been working with Tracey since she started at puppy classes with her Border Terrier Effy in 2004. She carried on through Advanced and Fun classes as she and Effy had such a great time!

Using APDT training throughout and finding their methods so successful and rewarding, she is keen to spread the word!
It is interesting how these methods follow a very similar philosophy to the techniques she uses for training the horses she works with, as an instructor and ride leader on Exmoor.

Amanda has recently started to offer one to one training sessions with owners and dogs in their own homes, which she greatly enjoys “I really want people to realise that although the training is simple, it sometimes takes a while to get the complete picture. There is nothing better than a dog (or horse!) that is a delight and pleasure to be with.”

As well as Effy and her partner Ian at home, she has two of her own horses, Kia and Fly, who she looks after along with the fifteen other horses at work.


Southern Ireland Branch - Affiliate Instructor
Danni Coppack - "The Dogs Dunnit"

Danni worked with Tracey at Puppy Gurus for 3 years, from 2007 to the end of 2009, when she then moved to Southern Ireland.

She has completed the Compass Course in Canine Behaviour & Physiology, holds a diploma in Cynology and is currently studying for the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. She is a member of the Institute of Animal Care and Education and has attended the Sheila Bailey course on Training the Trainer.

Danni lives with her partner Gary and their 3 dogs. Yoyo is now a 10 year old rescued collie cross that went through basic and advanced classes, Finley, a Doberman completed the puppy classes and the latest addition Gumpy, a 2 year old rescued Doberman, who has only recently joined them and is just learning for the first time with a clicker.

Danni is interested in helping owners and their dogs with behaviour problems to avoid so many having to be re-homed and is currently teaching one to one sessions in Co. Kerry using the same ethos as the Puppy Gurus. Danni firmly believes positive training methods are rewarding and effective and that training should be enjoyable for the owner and the dog.


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