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Puppy Class 7.30-830
Advanced Puppy Class 8.30-9.45

Tuesday evening
Puppy Class 7.00-8.00
Advanced Puppy Class 8.15-9.30


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Puppy Gurus recommend...

A - Books - Puppy

Before and After you get your Puppy - Ian Dunbar

Puppy Parenting - Dr Scott Miller

Puppy School - Gwen Bailey

Puppy Taming. The easy route to a happy, obedient dog - Caroline Davies (ed)

The Perfect Puppy - Gwen Bailey

The Puppy Whisperer - Paul Owens

B - Books - Dog Training

100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog - Sarah Fisher & Marie Miller

Clever Dog. Train your dog to be really useful - Gwen Bailey

Clicker Training for Dogs - Karen Pryor

Teach Yourself Dog Training - Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The Complete Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training - Pamela Dennison

The Dog Manual - Carolyn Menteith

The Only Dog Training Book You'll Ever Need - Gerilyn J Bielakiewicz

C - Books - Dogs and Children

Dogs Bite. But balloons and slippers are more dangerous - Janis Bradley

Happy Kids, Happy Dogs. Building a friendship right from the start - Barbara Shumannfang

Kids and Dogs - Ruth Weston and Dr Catriona Ross

Living with Kids and Dogs...without losing your mind - Colleen Pelar

Puppy Training for Kids - Sarah Whitehead

Raising Puppies and Kids Together - Pia Silvani

The Blue Dog Parent Guide and CD - Living safely with your dog

The Canine Commandments - Kendal Shepherd

D - Books - Dog Behaviour and 'in-depth' Dog Books (for those who want to understand their dogs more!!!)

Choosing The Right Dog For You - Gwen Bailey

Dog Behaviour. Why dogs do what they do - Ian Dunbar

Dogs - Raymond Coppinger and Lorna Coppinger

Don't Shoot the Dog. The new art of teaching and training - Karen Pryor

Excel-erated Learning. Explaining how dogs learn and how best to teach them - Pamela J Reid

Good Dog? Bad Dog? A fresh look at how we treat our dogs - Rosie Barclay

How Dogs Learn - Mary R Burch and Jon S Bailey

The Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson

The Domestic Dog. Its evolution, behaviour and interactions with people - James Serpell (editor)

Educational Dog Organisations

Caring Canines
A voluntary non-profit making group dedicated to promoting canine awareness and its value in the local Bournemouth community.

Lylac Ridge
Lylac Ridge's main focus is to provide opportunities for children and young people, particularly those experiencing 'disadvantage', to grow emotionally and learn through interaction with a range of animals, this is called Animal Assisted Activities.

Nurture Dogs
Nurture Dogs aim to bring the pleasure and therapeutic value of the human animal bond to as many people as possible. We combine animal contact and activities with the therapeutic philosophy of Occupational Therapy.

Pets As Therapy (P.A.T.)
Friendly, temperament tested dogs and cats that visit people of all ages, from young children through to the elderly, in hospitals, hopices, residential and nursing homes.

Society for Companion Animal Studies
Promoting and supporting human companion animal interactions

The K9 Project
The K9 Project is a complimentary education programme which uses the well recognised power of working with animals, in this case dogs, to develop a wide range of positive life skills.

First Class North Devon Dog Breeders

Alaskan Malamutes


Wirehaired Vizsla

Further Dog Training in North Devon

Hackles Dog Training
North Devon based positive/clicker adult dog training. Zaina is also a dog trainer for Dogs Helping Kids.

JAWS Agility
A fabulous local positive agility school - highly recommended once you have completed Advanced Training with your dog

PuppyMatters offers fun reward based beginner and advanced training classes for puppies, in the Barnstaple area.

Got Dog Behaviour Problems?

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

Dog Problems Solved
A fabulous website full of really helpful tips from world recognised dog trainer, Gwen Bailey

UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists

Groomers - get your pooch looking perfect!

The Classy Canine
The Classy Canine is a professional dog grooming salon in the heart of Great Torrington, providing a modern, high quality and caring grooming service for all pampered pooches.

Incredible Dog Charities

Hounds for Heroes
Hounds for Heroes provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Civilian Emergency Services.

K9 Focus
K9focus is a 'not for profit' rescue, run entirely by volunteers with the sole aim of rescuing and rehoming unwanted and abandoned dogs. We are based in North Devon but by working together with other accredited rescues, we are able to help dogs throughout the United Kingdom.

Nowzad Dogs
Nowzad Dogs rescues stray and abandoned dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Support Dogs
Support Dogs is a UK charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with epilepsy, physical disabilities and children with autism by training dogs to act as efficient and safe assistants.

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International Dog Trainers

Japan - Kiyoka Fujimoto
Kiyoka came and worked and trained at Canine Etiquette with Tracey & Sally and comes to the UK every year to catch up

Our Fabulous Sponsors

Creature Comforts

Saunton Beach, Saunton, North Devon

Ultima Pet Food

Portrait Photography

Andy Casey Photography
Fabulous portraits of you and your dog

Positive Dog Training Organisations

International Positive Dog Training Association
Excellent positive dog training organisation

Puppy School
This is a fabulous Puppy Organisation

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
We highly recommend this positive Dog Training Association

Really Useful Dog Organisations

Campaign for Real Pet Food
Have you ever wondered what goes into your pet's food?

Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.)
Natural Pheromone to help calm, relax and comfort for puppies and adults

Dog Books Online
A fabulous place to get all those dog books you ever dreamed of!

My Dog World
My Dog World is a website that launched in the UK in November 2011, our website is aimed at dog owners looking to save money on essential purchases such as dog food, treats, dog beds, leads and much more; with an innovative price comparison function that enables visitors to not only find the best price, but also donate to charity just by buying items through the site, donating costs you nothing, except the purchase price of items you buy.

Sound Therapy 4 Pets
Audio sound CDs for sound sensitive dogs

The Company of Animals
Dog training and behaviour equipment. Also check out their dog fun interactive games by Nina Ottosson.

University Research on Canines & Their Behaviour

University of Florida - Canine Cognition and Behaviour Lab
Keep your knowledge of dogs up-to-date!

Worth while local hard working animal charities

Fleece Haven
The aim of Fleecehaven is to promote humane behaviour towards sheep by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security to those sheep which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment or poor circumstances.

The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT)
A Chulmleigh based charity which rescues and rehomes former battery chickens.

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