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"I had contacted Tracey as I had read and heard a lot about Dogs helping Kids Charity and was very interested in being able to train our new puppy, if possible, to become part of this incredibly worthwhile and interesting charity. Our first family retriever had died in the spring and her contribution to the lives of us, as her family and all our friends was immeasurable. I work in the SEN department of a Secondary school and am convinced that the use of dogs both as an Educational and Therapeutic aid will have a hugely positive effect on many pupils. It was with a view to this end that when Ella was 14 weeks old we were lucky enough to be fitted into a Puppy Guru class by Tracey. The training, information, help and support we have received is incredible. Tracey and all the trainers always made everyone feel welcome and we were amazed at how quickly Ella and all the puppies progressed. Monday evenings were enjoyed by us all! Ella made friends ( Bear and Winston in particular) and Andy and Myself could have sat there all evening listening to Tracey's knowledge and interesting facts and tales of dogs. We thoroughly recommend Puppy Gurus and the Advanced training programme and would like to thank Tracey and her team for all the training and help received so far."
Nicky and Andy Woolacott with Ella


"Our dog adored Tracey at first sight! At puppy classes she would sit at Tracey's feet, gazing up at her whilst she spoke, apparently listening with rapt attention to every word and gesture. Tracey could persuade her to do anything she wanted with her gentle understanding of what makes a dog tick. Gradually we learned about working with our puppy in a way that embraces kindness and empathy. We now have a beautiful dog, emerging into adulthood without ever having experienced a harsh word or gesture. She is well behaved, trustworthy and above all great fun! She is an intrinsic part of our family and we love her very dearly. We have Tracey and the staff at Puppy Gurus to thank for guiding us during this crucial part of our dog's life. It has been a wonderful experience, thank you!"
Nick and Charmian with Mango


"Sarah and I first met Tracey when we attended 2 puppy parties held by her at Torbridge Vets. Impressed by her way of explaining puppy needs and training in ways so simple, it made us wonder why we never worked it out before. We signed up for basic puppy training with Puppy Gurus and looked forward to receiving her tuition with our then 12 week old Border Collie, Frank. We instantly felt at home in the intimate group of other excited puppy owners, and met a host of other knowledgeable trainers so we could work as part of the group as well as spending time on an individual level. After completing the basic training, we were very eager to continue and immediately signed up for the advanced. These advanced training classes built on the basic, sit, down, stay, wait, etc, and built them up into harder disciplines, with distractions and other elements that prepared them to be used in real life situations. Puppy Gurus' ethical brand of reward based training really synced with us, and by the end, we had learnt not only the tricks we had been taught, but the building blocks to be able to create our own tricks and contour, successfully and easily. Me, Sarah and Frank will dearly miss our training sessions with Puppy Gurus, and look forward to hopefully bumping into Tracey and her team in the future at a local event when Frank will be doing agility, or dancing, or what ever doggy career he settles on taking up! A big thank you to the whole team from us."
Sam and Sarah with Frank


"I had read the books, watched the You Tube Videos, then the fun started, Boris arrived. It soon became obvious Boris hadn't read the books or seen the videos! Perhaps I hadn't understood them. Fortunately, I was able to attend puppy socialisation, puppy training and advanced puppy training classes. Tracey and all the others were great in helping put all the theory into practice. The classes have laid the foundations for a good working relationship. I have learnt a lot, Boris a little, mainly that if he responds to command he gets a treat. If you have a new puppy these classes are must, what I learnt in the classes will be useful for life. Tracey and her helpers are also a source of useful, practical information on dogs in problems in general.
PS:- Boris is now reading, read the above, and agrees all owners must attend puppy classes!
David and Boris"

David Wort with Boris


"The puppy classes have helped me a lot. My dog is very excitable and noisy, but Tracey and staff were always patient and helped me to be positive. It was definitely worth the effort, time and money."
Beatrix Hohl with Buster


"Dear Tracey, Rachael, Michelle, Hannah, and everyone else who came along!
I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my Human. When Sophie signed us up, she thought it would be me doing most of the learning - more fool her! Every week I took her along and she learnt more and more about how to ask me to do things in a way that I understood, and was comfortable in doing.
We are now able to work together much better - she knows how to ask me to do something and I know when I've done it right! Training her is so much fun and I get all the food, win!
I now have 2 rosettes to my name for training my Human and I've thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Meeting all the other puppies and their Humans was a real ball! ball...where?!
Sorry, got distracted. Anywoof, you're all amazing and I'd very much like to keep in touch.
Waggly tails,
Barley xx"

Barley the dog with Sophie (my human)


"We hadn't intended getting another dog but as I'm sure you all know we were offered the last of the litter and couldn't help myself! My previous dog wasn't really trained, we just muddled along and it was quite often a nightmare taking him out. My daughter has 2 dogs that she has taken to training classes and this time I wanted to have a dog that I'm happy to take anywhere and feel fairly confident that they will behave themselves.
My vet recommended Puppy Gurus and the rest is history. I was quite apprehensive about the classes as I was worried that the puppies would be sort of in competition as to who was the best, but I worried about nothing as everyone on Tracey's team were so lovely, supportive and encouraging. All the people and their dogs were made to feel special as everyone (including the dogs), made progress in different ways.
I learnt so much at the classes, including things I thought I knew about but was completely wrong. As the saying goes you get back what you put in and this is so true when training your puppy. Some of the things we learnt are so obvious ... when you think about it but it takes someone (ie Tracey and her team), to get the penny to drop.
Some people have well behaved dogs that are trained through fear and I find this totally awful. There is nothing you can't teach a dog through kindness and patience (and a clicker and rewards).
My little Dennis isn't perfect but he nearly is and that's thanks to Puppy Gurus. I can't praise them enough and I recommend anyone with a puppy to attend the classes as you will learn so much."

Josie Lovelock with Dennis


"We really did have such a fantastic time with Harington at the Puppy and Advanced classes. We do actually miss you all. As well as the serious helpful side of the training we all looked forward to the social side of it as well.
We are still taking your training to heart, we did learn a whole lot, and I don't think I would have enjoyed 'puppyhood' as much without it.
I want to bark your praises so, I write this to be sung to the tune of Bobby Shafto.
"Puppy Gurus worked us three
Coaching pets to socialise me
Then we all came back for my advanced degree
Thank you Puppy Gurus""

Jan and Sue with Harrington


"In December 2014 Ted, a Jack Russell cross Chihuahua puppy came in to our life, we have always had dogs but this was our first puppy for 30 plus years! We went to a puppy party and met Tracey and her team and decided to enrol onto her puppy class, we are so glad that we did! The puppy class was excellent and we learnt so much as well as Ted. He was by far the smallest dog and it was good for him to socialise with the other puppies and he also quickly learnt the basic commands sit, wait and stay. Tracey and her team were amazing and if we had problems or queries quickly resolved them, they are truly Puppy Gurus! After the class ended we enrolled for the Advanced class. Ted had got a bit nervous around other dogs since the first classes but after meeting a Leonberger at this class he hasn't looked back! He thoroughly enjoyed the classes and we have no problems going to our vets now as that was where the classes were held. Ted loved showing off and soon learnt the instant down and wait and sit with us out of view and he took to the introduction to the agility classes like a duck to water. He also walks well to heel most of the time. We now have a lovely tempered dog and know that his naughtiness is due to adolescence, we miss the classes as it was also useful to talk to other puppy owners and compare notes. We would certainly recommend Puppy Gurus if you have a puppy as they teach you so much and help you to achieve a calm, well behaved dog."
Neil and Carolyn Bennion with Ted


"Neither I nor my family had ever owned a dog before, so deciding on Dyfi when I retired from a career as a teacher and Headmaster was a big step for us! Dyfi is a lively, intelligent, handsome and affectionate dog who needs a great deal of exercise and a 'job to do'. I knew that I would need to learn how to socialise and train him if we were to make a good team.
Puppy Gurus was recommended to me by a friend and also by my veterinary practice. Dyfi and I attended the Puppy Training Class when he was four months old, and the Advanced Training Class when he was eight months. Tracey and her team made us very welcome and I felt able to ask all the questions a complete beginner wants to. Having never had a dog before, it was a steep learning curve but Tracey covered every aspect I needed.
The training schedule is clear, sequential, and has plenty of take-home literature and guides to good practice. We followed the exercises at home and Dyfi made good progress - whenever something wasn't working, Tracey was calm, patient, and very experienced in suggesting how to improve. The Puppy Class was particularly good for socialising Dyfi and getting him to focus and to work whilst surrounded by other dogs.
We graduated to the Advanced Class where Dyfi proved more adept at following the more complex instructions than me! Skills like instant downs, accurate heelwork, target work, send-aways, mini-agility courses and a range of fun tricks made this course a really worthwhile challenge and I was proud to see Dyfi mastering all the requirements. With enough practice my 'click and treat' became quite reasonable too; the owner, in this case, needing just as much patience and training as the dog...
The classes have made me completely confident in taking Dyfi out both on and off the lead, to new places as well as familiar ones, and around other dogs, crowds and traffic. His recall and his 'watch me' are both really good and we cover miles on the beach, the South West Coast Path and Dartmoor. I would thoroughly recommend Puppy Gurus training: I think I learnt just as much as Dyfi, and he was treated with respect, kindness and wisdom throughout both courses. I have now attended a DHK introductory day, and hope that one day Dyfi and I can both work with this valuable charity - he would enjoy being a School Dog if he's up to it!"

Andy Waters with Dyfi


"Many thanks to Tracey and team for the two sessions of classes for Finley and Joshua. We all thoroughly enjoyed them and now have two reasonably well adjusted and well behaved pups. They have mastered all the basics and are looking forward to taking them to agility classes in June. We would thoroughly recommend Puppy Gurus."
Sue and Christopher Vickery with Joshua and Finley


"Hi Tracey and the rest of the team at Puppy Gurus. We just wanted to let you know how well Jack is adjusting to Canada! I'm not sure if you remember us (we do!!!) but we came to your puppy parties, puppy classes and advanced classes at Torbridge Veterinary Hospital almost 3 years ago. Jack turned 3 this May and has 'grown' up. He has calmed down loads and loves this snow here. We wanted to share our newest accomplishment with you. Jack won his first ever Dog Show last year! It's a small one based out of our community, put on by a local girl and Jack did fantastic! He won Best Overall, Most Obedient, and Most groomed. I have had quiet a few people come up to me asking to meet the 'prize-winner'. Hope you are well, and know that we are still indebted to you for our amazingly trained bundle of furry joy!"
Nicole and Jody Dymond with Jack


"Maggie and I really enjoyed the Advanced Puppy Training classes and we can't thank you enough for the fantastic training that we completed with you. I feel that it really got us off to a good start and helped us think about the sort of relationship we wanted to have with our dog. We are keeping up with the training and I regularly go back and read your training materials when Maggie has a teenage moment! We would love to maintain contact with you and keep up-to-date with the excellent work you're doing. Best wishes, huge thanks and much luck for your future courses and training.

Claire Thomson with Maggie


"Just a note to say thank you for all your help training Toby. We've had dogs before but Toby is the first we've brought to an advanced class as well as puppy training, and what we have learned has left us with a really well behaved dog who's a lot of fun too. Thank you to you and the team, training has been made a lot easier, and fun, with the support you have all given us and Monday nights simply won't be the same without class to look forward to!"
Brian and Louise Lessiter with Toby


"I would just like to say, that I am so glad that Jacob and I came to you at Puppy Gurus. Now that he has just turned two years old, all that training has paid off ten fold and he has quite a long list of tricks he can do now. All achieved with patience and a clicker! I sometimes see people on the beach screaming at their dogs to come and sit, and I think about the training Jacob and I had with you at Puppy Gurus and how you teach patience and kindness in your training. Thank you all again at Puppy Gurus."
Sue Neale with Jacob


"If you're looking for puppy training that's effective, supportive and fun, then look no further than wonderful Tracey and her team at Puppy Gurus. Not having had a dog of my own before, I had so much to learn. After completing both the puppy and advanced classes, I am now the proud and confident owner of a well-behaved and happy pupster who is a joy to be with (well most of the time!). The training does require patience and lots of practice, but it gave me the relevant skills and knowledge to last a lifetime, and it certainly helped cement the great friendship I now have with Tink. Thanks Puppy Gurus."
Christine Manley with Tink


"We started our training with Puppy Gurus within two weeks of having our 8 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Zahra and it wasn't a moment too soon. The first few weeks of having a new puppy are fairly emotional, especially when your pup considers your children as its litter mates and tries to play using sharp spindly teeth at every opportunity. My children spent the first week sitting on the kitchen table as they were afraid to have their bare legs/feet anywhere near this little chewing machine! Step in Puppy Gurus - Tracey and her team were amazing and got us through those first weeks. Zahra was a quick learner, especially where food was involved. All training is reward based, using positive re-enforcement. We quickly learnt as a family how to communicate with our puppy in a way that she understood. I'm pleased to say that at 6.5 months and now a graduate of the Advanced Puppy Class, she no longer eats the children, instead she loves them and joins in with all of their games. She's sociable, great on and off the lead and is generally a well mannered and happy little lady. It's all thanks to Tracey and her team and I can't recommend Puppy Gurus highly enough."
Amanda Powe with Zahra


"Finn and Rafe, graduates of Puppy Gurus' Puppy and Advanced Puppy Classes demonstrating their 'recall' despite the typical distractions of a country walk. We have now had 2 puppies progress through the Puppy Gurus' Puppy and Advanced Puppy Classes and can think of no better way to build the foundations for a wonderful relationship with your dog for the years to come. Using the modern and now well-established methods of positive reward-based clicker training, Tracey and her fellow trainers not only teach you how to communicate with your puppy and teach it the skills that it will need to become a responsible member of society, but also have a wealth of knowledge to help solve problems that arise, usually from mistakes we as owners make! Classes are small so that each puppy is treated as an individual and learns valuable social skills in a relaxed environment where the emphasis is on praise and having fun.
If you only do the class for young puppies you will be well on the way to having a delightful, well-behaved adult dog. But it is just the beginning and many, like us, will want to learn more, especially when our brilliant Puppy Class graduates become typically wayward teenagers! Once again Tracey and her team are on hand with the Advanced Puppy Class where the early foundations are built on to develop more advanced behaviours, ranging from the 'instant down' - a vital potential lifesaver where you teach your dog to drop to the ground on command whilst running away from you - to the impressive whole class 'out of sight stay'. There's even an introduction to 'shaping', the technique used to train Assistance dogs but which can also be used for a range of activities from Agility to Heelwork to Music or just to teach your pet dog useful tricks - we used it to teach Finn how to wash his own muddy paws!
Many thanks again for another great learning experience and lots of fun!

Vicky Hassell with Fin & Rafe


"Brooke and I enjoyed the training classes very much. Princess is a calm obedient pup (most of the time) and we can carry on with the training every day.
I would recommend the classes if you have a new puppy there is so much for both puppy and owner to learn!"

Jennifer Phillips with Princess


"The puppy class was a wonderful experience, quite something else, a new way of learning your dog. We all loved it, Saffy was really proud and got an extra walk to wind down with...it was socialising for Michael and me too!Thank you and all your lovely team."
Ingka and Michael Charters with Safir


"I'd like to thank Puppy Gurus whole heartedly for all I learned whilst on the puppy training course and the advanced doggy training course which followed. I found the staff awesome and a great laugh, making learning lots of fun and their dedication to the dogs and teaching their human companions how to better understand and treat their dogs is inspiring. Oberon (my now 8 month old white Alsatian), benefitted enormously and I have never seen a training method so effective, which heralded such quick results. We have a much closer bond because of Puppy Gurus and although it is a life-long process, it has been made much easier by having better knowledge and being taught by such skilled and passionate people. Oberon is a now fully fledged and well-behaved member of our family (better behaved than my children in fact!) and we all love him dearly. For a large dog, he is so kind and gentle with our children and I trust him implicitly. The amount of enjoyment my children have gained from me teaching them the methods I have been taught, is immense. The garden is full of laughter when my children are with him, it is truly like he is their brother and best friend all at once. The pleasure he has brought to our lives is immeasurable and all made possible because of regular, consistent and above all, easy to learn training methods that I learned from Puppy Gurus. I regularly get comments on how well behaved my dog is and we owe a huge amount of that to Puppy Gurus. Thank you so much to Tracey and her team."
Helen Faulkner with Oberon


"Puppy Gurus has helped us with our grey and white staffy, Sookie, to develop a better relationship with us along with new skills and tricks which has helped with attention and listening.
Sookie has a strong love of people and can be hard work, but with Tracey's help, she is much calmer and good at her tricks.
We will miss the training very much.
Many thanks Tracey keep up the good work."

Sharon Coles with Sookie


"Having taken on a new puppy, I was keen to enrol her into a puppy socialising and training group.
Puppy Gurus was suggested by my vet and having gone along to the introductory talk, I was keen to enrol Miya onto the course. I was really pleased to be made so welcome by such friendly and knowledgeable staff. The other members of the group were great and Miya got along very well with her fellow canines.
Miya made good progress and thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions, so much so that once the puppy training sessions had finished, we enrolled her straight onto the advanced puppy training. The advanced sessions led on from the initial training and also included some agility work. I am really pleased with the progress both Miya and I have made with Puppy Gurus and would highly recommend it. I would like to say a big Thank You, to Tracey, Rachael and the delightful Hannah for all their help and support; we could not have done it without you!"

Michelle Coulson with Miya


"Thank you so very much for all your fabulous advice and guidance. People who know Airedales are telling us that Saffy is a real credit to us as she is so well behaved. This is all thanks to you and your fabulous team of ladies, thank you."
Sheryl and Bruce Arnold with Saffy


"Before we got our Labradoodle puppy Honey we had already seen the amazing results of the Puppy Gurus puppy training classes as friends of ours had a Labradoodle too who they had trained with Tracey. We wanted our dog to be as well behaved especially having 4 children in the family. Honey loved the puppy classes where we learnt the basic skills that every dog should know. How interesting to be out and about and to see how many other dogs can't even do the basics. Everywhere we go Honey gets admiring glances and the most common comment is "Oh what a well behaved dog!" We both loved the classes so much we enrolled onto the Advanced Doggy course which was more work but so well worth it. The more you put into it the more you and your dog get out of it. I am pretty confident that I could get Honey to drop into a Down position if she was in danger outside. Thanks to Tracey and her fantastic team who have taught all of us how to train our dog. We all have a wonderful bond with Honey that has been strengthened through all the training. I would highly recommend any puppy owner to book straight onto a Puppy Gurus course. "
Becky Houghton with Honey


"We took our puppy Bailey, the mad Cockapoo, along to the puppy classes with no idea of what to expect. The classes were great fun and very informative and even after the first few weeks, we were seeing a massive change in Bailey. Tracey, who I have known for years, and the rest of the instructors work you hard, but following their advice and instruction, Bailey soon became a pleasure to have in the family. The reward based training that they teach, works and I was amazed at what I could train Bailey to do in a short period of time. We liked the course so much we enrolled in the Advanced Puppy training soon after finishing the first course. This shorter course was a bit more intense with the introduction of target training and more advanced commands but like the first, was always fun for us and Bailey. We would like to thank Tracey, Hannah and all the instructors for all their help in making us good dog owners and hopefully more puppy's and owners will benefit from the courses as much as we have."
Mike & Kathryn Davies with Bailey


"Frazzle used to be an absolute lunatic before we went to Puppy Gurus, not listening at all to what we said! We then introduced him to Tracey at Puppy Gurus, who definitely put him, and us, through our paces every week with the intensive training. It was great how the Puppy Gurus' team came around separately and spent time checking how much we and Frazzle had learnt each week. Frazzle, still not mastering all of his manners, was put in the advanced class as well! By the end of the amazing training he had learnt so much! His best command has to be the 'stay', because every time you can just leave him for several minutes and he doesn't move! As a teacher, it would be great to take him in to school, so we have now looked into putting him into DHK, which is also run by Tracey. Thanks to everybody at Puppy Gurus for their expertise and patience with Frazzle (and us)."
Russell and Bella Waldron with Frazzle


"When we first enrolled our Jackapoo puppy, Micky, into the Puppy Gurus Puppy Class we were desperate for help and after eight weeks of excellent training and a lot of support from Tracey and the crew, we walked away with a new puppy! It was not just Micky who needed training, it was us too!!
We were so pleased with the help we received that we signed up for the Advanced Doggy Class which we have just completed and which again was excellent and very beneficial. We will miss our weekly visits to the Gurus. We would highly recommend the services of Puppy Gurus to anyone with a young puppy."

Jan and Mark Lees with Micky


"Thank you for the classes which have been really beneficial for Alfie and for me. It was great to have the chance to meet other owners and for Alfie to socialise with other puppies. The guidance you gave us has been and will be invaluable. I can thoroughly recommend the classes for puppies and their owners. Best wishes, Jennie"
Jennie Earlam with Alfie


"Hugo's training (or rather our training!) began even before we had collected him from Pembrokeshire. The first puppy class is without the puppies and is very informative. After that the fun starts! Why oh why do the puppies do exactly what Tracey and Hannah ask them to do and not what we ask them to do? It's because they really are the experts. But somehow they manage to pass their expertise on to us and eventually we can do it too. There is never a cross word, endless patience and lots of rewards. Hugo is not perfect - yet! - but his behaviour is so much better now. I would recommend Puppy Gurus to anyone with a young puppy or a rebellious teenager. It's hard work but very rewarding when you see the progress the dogs make. Hugo loved the training, especially Hannah's liver cake! Thank you Puppy Gurus."
Theresa Winter with Hugo


"Tracey and Puppy Gurus came highly recommended by the breeder of our Labradoodle Dudley. Having talked to Tracey first and visiting other classes nearer home,(Puppy Gurus is a half hour drive from where we live). We decided that Puppy Gurus had an approach to puppy training that we wanted to pursue with Dudley. We were encouraged to bring our children Eliza 12 and Tilly 10 along to classes as well, it was a relaxed atmosphere and everyone was made to feel welcome and included. Tracey and Hannah were absolutely brilliant and the children took notice of what they had to say and were keen to learn and participate in the training. We felt like we were all involved. The training is kind and positive and they are extremely patient and knowledgeable. Tracey and her team always listen to any individual concerns or problems and will help to resolve issues or problems.
We went on to do the advanced puppy class, which Eliza and I attended. It was amazing, we looked forward to going every week and are going to miss our Monday evenings at training now we have finished and Dudley has gained his certificate and rosette, we wish it could continue. Dudley and his family have all learnt so much and I think that all new puppy owners and their dogs would benefit from attending Puppy Gurus. I would recommend Puppy Gurus to everyone getting a new puppy whether they are experienced or first time owners as you will learn so much and hopefully like us become more knowledgeable and confident in training you dog. p.s Dudley loved it too, especially the liver cake and squeeze cheese!"

Hannah Daniel & Family with Dudley


"Thank you to all at Puppy Gurus. Both the puppy and advanced classes that we attended were fun and very informative. Taff enjoyed the training, loved the treats and making friends. It was good to see the progress of all the dogs in the class. If only all dogs and owners could be taught by Tracey!"
Jane Blunt with Taff


"Here is a photo of our pup, Frodo. He is very proud of his certificate and rosette for passing the advanced doggie course with Puppy Gurus! He has learnt many commands and even some fun tricks including; clapping, twirling and bowing! We would like to thank Puppy Gurus for all of their help and support in training Frodo! It has been a lot of fun for the whole family and it has made our relationship with our puppy even stronger! I would highly recommend them to you and your new puppy!
Thanks again Puppy Gurus!"

Krista Laird with Frodo


"It was a big decision for us to get a dog as we have never been dog owners before. We have three children and decided that if we were going to become a family with a dog, we would need to raise a well-trained dog. We booked ourselves onto the puppy gurus training course hoping that we would learn the basics of being responsible dog owners. We learnt so much more! We brought the children along so that they could learn the techniques too and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, especially our puppy Roofus who got to know exactly where he was as soon as we pulled into the car park and couldn't wait to get through the doors! We had such a great time that we went on to do the advanced course and have come away with so many great tips and techniques which have worked fabulously. We have a well behaved, well trained dog and I put that down to the effort that the gurus helped us to put in, in those early days. Now we have total confidence in our own ability to handle our dog and to keep up his training. He is a pleasure to have in our family.
Thank you so much to Tracey and the team."

The Ruhlemans Family with Roofus


"I must tell you how much we all gained from the Puppy Gurus classes, that's me, my husband and, of course, our puppy Alfie. Being novice dog owners (my husband has never had one, I have but only when I was a little girl) we decided that we would need some help so that we did the right things and all live happily together. Alfie is a Labradoodle, full of bouncing energy and highly intelligent, so it was important to learn how to train him early on and keep him stimulated. The classes did just that. Alfie absolutely loved every minute of every class, both puppy and advanced, and we learned so much that it gave us the confidence to know what to do and how to do it. We have been given all the necessary support, information and guidance from everyone in the training team to enjoy this beautiful addition to our family and we have one very happy 10 month old puppy. Thank you Puppy Gurus."
Sue Spiegelhalter with Alfie


"Can you imagine your puppy as one of a class of 6 adolescent dogs, all less than a year old, doing a 30sec down stay together out of sight of their owners? Well that's just what our working Beardie Finn has recently accomplished along with his class-mates, varying from a Newfoundland to a Jack Russell, having just completed Puppy Gurus' Advanced Puppy Class which followed on from their Puppy Socialisation Course. Tracey and her team are brilliant! We've attended a number of puppy training courses over the years and none has been anything like as enjoyable and effective as the Puppy Gurus'. What immediately set Tracey apart was her clear explanation of how and why positive reinforcement (reward the behaviour you want and ignore that which you don't - absolutely no punishment involved) is not only the kindest but also the most effective way of achieving harmony between owner and puppy. All the way through the courses she and her helpers were always on hand to share their expertise and suggest solutions to the inevitable problems that arise both in the classes and at home (usually the owners fault!), accompanied by clear explanations based on the latest research into animal behaviour - it helps enormously if you understand what you are doing especially when you carry on with the training on your own at home. Classes are small and friendly which means that every puppy gets the individual attention that they deserve and although the surroundings for our class were quite restricted, that was in itself a bonus as it provided plenty of distractions to make it more realistic. Not only does Tracey give you all the tools you need to teach your dog the essentials of good behaviour but she makes it fun for owners and dogs alike.
Thanks Tracey and all your team, we can't recommend you highly enough and just wish that the classes carried on - Monday nights just aren't the same without them!"

Vicky and Michael Hassell with Finn


"Our Newfoundland, Oska, has been on both puppy and advanced classes with Tracey's Puppy Gurus training. Not only has he really enjoyed both the training and socialisation, but we have had a good time and have become more confident. Tracey and her team have a supportive training programme, that mixes kindness with structure - that has been great for a dog like Oska. We cannot recommend the classes highly enough."
Simon and Noella Mauger with Oska


"Pals - TARA and BRADY relaxing, Tara is nearly 3 years old and Brady just over 4 months.
As you can see they are both well-behaved dogs thanks to Puppy Gurus people, and me! In the photo, Brady had just completed his first puppy training course - (he enjoyed the social aspect of it more than anything else!) We then went on to complete the Advanced Course later - just as I did with Tara, a couple of years earlier.
A superb environment for starting the training of your puppy, with so many distractions; expert help and encouragement on hand. A really worthwhile and enjoyable experience for both puppy and owner."

Meg Jeffrey with Tara and Brady


"I would like to say a huge thank you to Tracey and Hannah at Puppy Gurus. They have both been absolutely brilliant. There isn't enough room on this page to be able to tell you all the amazing support they have given me. I started Puppy Classes after a relative went, and I knew then the classes were great. Tyson, my Shih Tzu, has been extremely hard work and has had quite a few issues to deal with even though I had him from a puppy. Puppy Gurus have helped me every step of the way, from the very basics of training through to the more advanced training. Tyson would not be the dog he is today if it wasn't for the classes and their help. I would recommend these classes to anyone who has a new puppy; they are professional, fun and were a life line to me and Tyson! Thank you."
Chantelle Creek and Tyson


"Having completed the basic puppy and advanced training we can absolutely recommend Puppy Gurus. Tracey and Hannah were amazing with our pup Harley and me, giving me the knowledge to confidently train our mischievous border terrier. The lessons were well structured covering everything you needed and wanted to know, as well as being great fun.
A massive thanks to you Tracey for your support and advice. See you again when we get the next addition to our family!!"

Lisa & Julian with Harley


"I couldn't recommend Puppy Gurus more highly. I have had dogs before but this is the first time I have taken on a puppy and I just didn't realise quite what a difference attending this training program would make. I have so enjoyed the sessions and learnt so much about living and working with dogs which will forever be invaluable to me. In a surprisingly short time my crasy little puppy has developed into the most lovely well mannered dog and there is no question that I could have achieved that without the benefit of Tracey's infinite wisdom and knowledge of all things doggie."
Jacqui Harrison with Willow


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful training you put us owners through. Each class served to show us that our dogs were quite smart enough and that our task was just to catch up wth their clever wave length! I'm quite sure that Puppy Gurus has had an enormous impact on the dog population in Devon ( and probably beyond), making it much safer and more fun for dog owners to be with their dogs in public! Many thanks to you and your team!"
Linda Barker-Privalova with Caesar


"I would absolutely recommend puppy training. Firstly because you experience that you are not alone and many owners are going through the same issues and it is encouraging to have that mutual support. Secondly you see the progress the puppies make week on week and get instant feedback on where to go next or how to put mistakes right. Thirdly it builds your confidence and that of your puppy.After puppy training, advanced training then gives you the added incentives to continue as your puppy really does try it on through their 'teenage years' and it is good to talk to other owners who have the same teenage tantrums to cope with!! Great course, great advice and it works!!"
Jan Reid with Winston


"We signed up with Puppy Gurus after a “socialisation” class within our Vets. After meeting Tracey, I liked her approach to “puppy training”. Tracey and the team were fantastic in supporting me with Murpy's training and this has helped him become a very loving, obedient and loyal dog, not withstanding, being extremely playful!
I would recommend Tracey and her team to anyone considering adding a puppy into their family. Loads of good ideas and a very positive approach. Thanks guys."

Becky Goss and Murphy


"Tracey and the team were absolutely brilliant. There were training needs that I thought our dog Buddy would totally not abide to! However, with the calm professional manner (and patience!!) that was evident, the team managed to get the point across to dog and owner with positive results.
Buddy attended both the initial puppy classes then later attended the advanced classes. Both classes were a positive benefit to us all. We would recommend any dog owner who needs help to train their dog/s to definitely enlist!"

Tony & Jo-ann Baglow with Buddy


"Dougal is the second boxer I have owned and I felt that this time I wanted to get everything right with him including attending training classes. Our vet recommended 'Puppy Gurus' to me and so I signed up for the first course. I found the lessons to be well structured and it was easy to see that Dougal was making quick progress. Tracey and her team were always willing to listen to any problems and to give advice when needed.
The atmosphere in the classes was nice and relaxed and Dougal was very enthusiastic when we arrived each week. Because I felt we got a lot out of the training, I signed up for the advanced training course which we recently finished. Dougal seemed to enjoy the activities in the classes and approached his 'homework' tasks equally positively. He is now just over a year old and is a lovely natured dog. I feel that he got such a lot out of the training process even if every time he does something right he now expects a piece of liver cake!
I would recommend Puppy Gurus to any new dog owner as Tracey and her team's knowledge is second to none."

Peter Frost and Dougal


"Thank you so much for your great classes at Puppy Gurus. You and the team made everything so much fun. You have made training Mollie very easy. We all miss our Thursday evenings with you and the team."
Glenda & John Ross with Mollie


"So many people told me you cannot train a Dalmatian but with all the good things I had heard about Tracey, her team and Puppy Gurus, I knew with help I could get Hope to achieve great things! We both enjoyed the way the puppy training was taught that we continued with the advanced training with great success. The training was fun and constructive in a very relaxed environment, and I was able to ask lots of questions as the training progressed. I met some lovely trainers as well as owners who were all in the same situation - wanting a trained dog!
I now have a confident, trained (me included!!) happy Dalmatian who has been given the best possible start in life."

Sonia Mitchell and Hope


"As first-time dog owners, we had no idea what to expect but wanted to make sure that our puppy was trained well and trained fairly. Tracey and her team were wonderful and always available for support, using a positive, reward-based training method for Conan. We now have the confident, well-behaved and happy black Labrador that we longed for and we would recommend Puppy Gurus to anybody. Thank you!"
Yolanda & Andrew Jones and Conan


"When Smudge was a puppy she was full of mischief and seeing that my husband and I had used Puppy Gurus before with our other dog, we immediately knew where we would go for training classes with our new dog. Tracey and her team are (in our eyes) so helpful and friendly and however big your problem seems to be Tracey and her team have plenty of time to advise you. We had plenty of fun and laughs training our new dog and once again with Tracey and her teams help Smudge is a pleasure to take out and about. Smudge is a year old now (so a typical teenager) so we know it is very important to keep up the training and that Tracey will always be there if any other problems arrive. Once again thank you Tracey (and your team) for all your hard work and help."
Viv and Dave Eastwood and Smudge


"I wanted to thank you for all your support with both Rosco and particularly with Peppa (whom I miss dearly). Tracey, you really helped me through some difficult times and to make some tough decisions but thankfully all for the best for both Peppa and myself.
Rosco is an absolute beauty. Yes, he is being a typical teenager but one look at those brown eyes and we all melt! He really fits into our family and we are very happy with how things have worked out (plus I am getting much fitter!). Thank you also to your team for the excellent classes and advice and I will always highly recommend you. I wish you all the very best for the future."

Clare Evans and Rosco


"I went to Puppy Gurus with my 10 week old German Sheperd x Alaskan Malamute puppy, Boycie. Tracey and the team were very very helpful and were able to give me lots of useful information on all aspects of owning, caring and training him. I really enjoyed the classes and my dog did too. The training was teaching me as well as my dog and the methods they use to train are very kind and worked really well. I would like to thank you all very much for helping me train my beautiful Boycie. He's nearly a year old now and is a lovely boy. I will keep up with the training and he keeps getting better and better! I would highly recommended Puppy Gurus!! Thanks again."
Lucie-Ellen Brydges and Boycie


"A friend of ours recommended Puppy Gurus after we bought Dora and after looking at the website there was never a doubt. Dora was my first dog so the guidance offered was very refreshing and welcoming. We progressed onto the advanced course after completing the initial puppy socialisation course and would recommend it to anyone whether it was their first dog or not! Tracey is fantastic and her team are always on hand to answer any questions we had, sane or otherwise! Thanks Puppy Gurus!"
Amy Parsons and Dora


"Fantastic training - thank you so much to Tracey and her team of Puppy Gurus. We knew when we took on a border collie puppy it would involve training and hard work but weren't sure where to start. We were delighted that our vets put us in touch with such a great team who have guided us through the challenges and given us the confidence to bring out the best in our puppy. Each week has brought new rewards and the course has set us up for a future of really enjoying and training our dog. We just wish the classes didn't have to end! We really can't thank you enough."
Lisa and Tara Eadie with Misty


"Tracey and her team have shown me an alternative way to basic dog training and I am very happy to utilise these new techniques when required. I was pleased she and her team 'suggest' ways of improving ones control of ones dog, not impose it. Their programme is very flexible and should suit every dog. In short its owner training, not dog training and it's now great to be able to refer friends with problem dogs (or should I say uninformed owners) to Tracey for help. I only wish it was compulsory to attend such classes before one purchased a dog as there would be fewer unwanted or aggressive dogs in the country. Keep up the good work guys! I only wish the techniques worked as well on teenagers!"
Jenny Hill and Triska


"Having had Spaniels and Retrievers as family pets getting a Terrier was, has and is a real challenge in comparison!! Tracey and her team are amazing and I would highly recommend them. Having a puppy is such an exciting time but can be a uniquely stressful period too what with house training, chewing, barking and all the other little foibles our little four footed friends bring to the home! I found it so useful to be able to go to a meeting each week and learn that we were not alone in our problems and that constructive advice, help and praise was always on hand as well as basic training on the night with practice during the week. Milly has attended both the Puppy Training and the Advanced Training and now fully understands commands, her recall is excellent she is well socialised and I have learnt that she doesn't like 'hyper' dogs so know who to avoid on the beach!
My understanding of dog behaviour has tripled and I have learnt that a lot of the fault was/is mine and not Millys!! We moved house recently and Tracey was available at the end of the phone and Sally came out to the house and gave us some exercises and suggested flower remedies, diet and crystal therapy to support us, which proved invaluable. I would not hesitate in suggesting everyone with a puppy attends one of Tracey's courses infact I think if everyone did the doggie world in Devon would be a much happier place!!"

Jennie & Ian Lamb with Milly


"It was always a certainty that our new puppy Mingus would follow in the paw-steps of his 'big sister' Phoenix and attend Puppy Gurus training. What we couldn't know is that, to begin with at least, the two dogs were like chalk and cheese, and where Phoenix was bold and eternally excitable, Mingus was uncertain and a little shy. The Puppy Gurus atmosphere worked a treat at developing both his obedience and social skills and now Mingus is perfectly confident and a complete joy to live with. He's also had a quite amazing début year in the show ring, breaking several records for our breed. He has become by far the highest scoring puppy in the history of the breed & at just 9 months of age, the youngest ever to be awarded Best Gundog in Show, and as well as charming all whom he meets along the way. This picture shows Mingus winning Best Puppy in Show and demonstrating his Puppy Gurus trained paw-shake at the same time! Thanks so much to Tracey and the team for helping us with our wonderful boy.
(Picture courtesy of Dewerstone Photography)"

Tim Branney with Mingus


"Hi Tracey just an update to let you no how its going with Winnie.She has turned into a lovely pet and part of our family. She is kind and gentle and very greedy but we would not be without her now. She has given us so much pleasure and the grandchildren love her. I have sent you a photo I hope you like it.Thanks again for all your help and your teams help."
Jan & Trevor Brookes with Winnie UPDATE


"Tracey, thank you so much to you and your wonderful team for being so patient and kind whilst offering us such invaluable information and advise on how to train our puppy. We decided to bring Coco to training with you as we wanted a well behaved dog that didn't pull on the lead, we never realised we would get so much more out of your excellant classes, we have all learnt so much whilst having fun at the same time. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about taking their puppy to a class to LOOK NO FURTHER! Monday nights just won't be the same."
Sara & Russell Vincent and Coco


"Thank you Tracey and all your team, especially Debbie, Chris and Steph - it really helped to have such a high ratio of skilled staff to puppies. Poppy and we have had a lot of fun doing both the Puppy Socialisation and Advanced Training courses - the classes have been the highlight of the week! We have loved working alongside both novice and experienced dog owners in such a warm, friendly and caring environment. It was fascinating to see how the individual puppies matured and rose to the challenges you set them. They and we learnt so much from all your excellent support and advice. We look forward to continuing the rewarding work of training Poppy to fulfil her potential. Thank you again - they were brilliantly organised courses that have made all the difference."
Pam & Art Symons & Poppy


"Tracey you have been absolutely amazing with Douglas, every step of our journey offering advice, help, patience and above all emotional support to deal with his behaviour and health problems. Douglas enjoyed both the socialising and advanced training classes especially learning tricks, and going through the tunnel - well, getting half way and going to the toilet! Sally your support has been great too, you have been very helpful putting us in contact with people for further advice. My gratitude towards you all cannot be summed up!!!!"
Sarah & Joel Walton - In memory of Douglas


"AMAZING!! We have enjoyed every minute of attending the Puppy classes with Patrick! Tracey you are a star offering us a lot of help, advice and information that every new puppy owner should be aware of! Hannah and Amanda you have really helped every step of the way, you are so kind and patient with puppy and owner. The information provided is given in abundance, I would recommend your classes to anyone!! Patrick would like to add - the liver cake is delicious!"
Sarah & Joel Walton and Patrick


"We found Tracey and the girls very helpful with teaching us and Winnie everything we needed to know. Things had moved on a great deal since we had our last dog in the 80's. They helped us with obedience training, the law and nutritional information and anything we needed to know.
We would highly recommend Tracey and her team."

Jan & Trevor Brookes and Winnie


"Scout and I would like to say thank you for the excellent training we have both had with you, we have really enjoyed the experience and have learnt so much!! "
Paula Cobb and Scout


"Tracey and her staff at Puppy Gurus were extremely welcoming when going to each of the puppy classes I attended. All of the training methods used were kind and gentle to the dogs and helped me and my family to get Bella to where she is today. Bella is now very obedient and enjoyed the classes every week. Classes will be sadly missed by all of us, but we could not of got where we are today without the help of Tracey and the team so I would and will always highly recommend the Puppy Gurus to anyone."
Christina Martin & Bella


"Even before our new puppy Phoenix was born we were absolutely determined to find a positive-based training programme for her, both for obedience and show training. After checking out several local trainers, none of whom provided anything close to what we were looking for, we were thrilled to find Tracey and Puppy Gurus and the amazing clicker-based training system. From the very earliest days Tracey & the teams' supreme enthusiasm, knowledge, passion and good humour has been an utterly essential part of Phoenix' upbringing, and remains the backbone of everything that we do with her, even long after the formal training was complete. The training programmes themselves are extremely well structured with much very helpful advice and information given along the way - it really feels like there's an expert back-up team should any problems occur! In her first year Phoenix has become the UK's top scoring show puppy in her breed, and is 8 times Crufts qualified, as well as being a continual delight to live with and train. We're certain that we couldn't have achieved this without Puppy Gurus and we would (and regularly do!) recommend them to all."
Tim Branney and Phoenix - Belatarr Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas


"Going to Puppy Gurus was a wonderful experience and a great start for our puppy, we learned so much about positive reinforcement and it has helped us to understand how to successfully train this dog and any others to come, there was lots of helpful friendly advice from Tracey and the staff, after the puppy course it gave us real confidence to proceed with the training and gave us a true interest in training dogs and is now part of our daily routine."
Robin & Wendy French and Molly


"Although we'd had dogs as a child, my border terrier Jack is the first dog of my own and I was obviously a little nervous that I would get everything right. I had no reason to be since Tracey Berridge and the Puppy Gurus team made it all seem so easy and also enjoyable. With their emphasis on positive reward-based training and their specific attention to the needs of each individual dog it was such a joy to see not only Jack but also the other dogs in the class develop both in obedience and also in their behaviour and manners more generally. Though by the end I did get the distinct impression that it was actually us, the owners, who were the ones who had been trained! Thank you to all of you for your hard work, dedication and patience."
Tim Kevan and Jack


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