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What we do

Puppy Gurus is a group of professional, qualified, dedicated puppy specialists. We believe that just like our children our puppies deserve the right to have a first class education. This education should include the following: -

  • Respect, Boundaries and Routine
  • Socialisation and Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Consistency, Perseverance and Guidance
  • Learning Manners – please and thank you!
  • Being taught right from wrong in a fair way
  • Preparation for ‘teenage hood’ (doggy adolescence!)
  • A huge abundance of love, patience, and kindness

We continuously strive to remain at the forefront of all new training and behavioural research ideas. All staff at Puppy Gurus only use purely positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker training or target work, based on extensive academic research. No punishment or cruel equipment such as choke chains or electric shock collars are used or allowed - they are both outdated and barbaric ways to treat our best friends. In the past 30 years our knowledge of how dogs learn has increased dramatically and with this so has the way we train our dogs. Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog – it is the way you build a bond with your dog and it is the key to forming a bridge of communication.
All puppies have behaviour problems – yes you are not alone! Puppies bite, nip, chew, jump up, bark, steal, wee in the wrong places and basically test the patience of a saint! How your puppy behaves as an adult is your responsibility – no one else’s and above all not the dogs – your puppy is simply doing what comes naturally to him/her and they become confused when we scold them. Every puppy needs guidance, praise and a great deal of kindness and understanding. We are firm believers that the entire family, including the children, should be involved in the bringing up of your puppy, especially the training. This will allow a respectful relationship to develop between all family members & your new puppy.

To help you build up a fantastic bond with your puppy that will last a lifetime we offer the following services: -

Puppy Preparation (‘Before you get your puppy’ talks)
Are you ready to become a dog owner? You must ask yourself and your family this very question. You must also ask yourself this – I want a dog but would a dog want me as an owner? These talks cover a vast array of topics from dog breeds to where to purchase your puppy from, from the importance of early socialisation to puppy behaviour problems. A must for all potential new puppy owners.

Puppy Parties
These are run at local veterinary practices and are for all puppies aged between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 weeks. Puppy parties allow contact for puppies with both other puppies and their owners in a supervised environment, enabling early socialisation to occur, which is absolutely critical. These parties are free, loads of fun, and an informative handout full of ‘handy puppy tips’ is provided to each puppy owner.

Puppy Training & Socialisation Classes (For puppies aged between 10 and 18/20 weeks only)
These classes are a closed block of 8 weeks and include clicker training, behaviour discussions and advice, preparation for teenage hood, handling & grooming, socialisation, and above all lots of fun! Only a maximum number of eight puppies are allowed to attend, depending on the breeds present. These critically important learning classes are run at local veterinary practices - booking early is advisable due to a constant high demand for spaces.

Advanced Puppy Training
Advanced puppy training is available for all puppies who have attended one of our puppy training classes. This training is a six week class and is available at certain veterinary venues. The advanced training is of huge benefit for your growing 'teenage' puppy and has been designed to help them through their rebellious adolescent period.



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